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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

In IFS, we see our minds as being made of many "parts". Think of any time you've thought, "part of me feels X while a different part of me feels Y." Sometimes those parts conflict with each other, and sometimes parts exist to protect deeper, vulnerable wounds. All of our parts play important internal roles to keep us safe from danger or pain. In IFS we seek to understand and befriend our many protective parts and eventually heal those deep wounds in order to cultivate a more compassionate and harmonious inner system.

IFS is evidence-based and non-pathologizing. It allows us to resolve inner conflicts and to achieve greater harmony within ourselves. As we begin to work together, we can collaboratively explore how IFS could be integrated into your therapy. If you are ready to explore IFS therapy, contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation call.

To learn more about IFS, visit:

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