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I provide relationship therapy to couples and polyamorous groups. My approach to relationship therapy is grounded in understanding you as individuals as well as the unique mosaic of your relationship. I seek to recognize patterns, identify re-framing opportunities, and present an external perspective to support the cultivation of mutually loving and caring relationships. I have experience working with diverse topics, including communication challenges, sexual issues & sexual compatibility, infidelity & harm repair, BDSM, sex work, relationship transitions & endings, gender & sexual identity changes, and much more. 

I work with couples and polycules of diverse identities, including those navigating the complexity of interracial relationships, queer relationships, and other dynamics that reflect power imbalances in broader society.

Couples therapy sessions run for 55 minutes. Relationship therapy for more than two people could involve longer sessions on an as-needed basis. Are you ready to cultivate deeper intimacy and foster stronger communication in your romance? Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation call. 

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